How to get traffic from Twitter for website and blogs

twitter se traffic kaise laye

Friends, if traffic is not coming on your blog and you are very much disturbed by this, then today’s article is going to stop very beneficial for you people because today I am going to tell you such a trick How to get traffic from Twitter for website and blogs .

Through which you can use Twitter to bring a lot of traffic, that is, you can bring traffic to your blog in the thousands if you want to know.

So stay with us because today we are going to tell you about it in detail, if you want to know, then stay with us, then let’s start.

How to get traffic on the block using Twitter

Friends, let us first tell you a little about Twitter, friends, holy is a Google product that works like a social media.

On this, from the big man to the little man, he maintains an account here and uses it, friends like here is Google Adsense or if any update comes from Google, then he gives all the information on his Twitter handle.

So you can think from here that Twitter is such a big platform and you can bring trophy from here.

Friends, if you want to bring traffic from Twitter, then for this you will have to create an account on Twitter and write articles on all the trending # Twitter that have gone on.

And by using the tag, you have to share your link on twitter, then you will see that your party will start getting traffic all over the article if it has a good traffic on the help.

So friends, Finaly would like to tell you that if you trust Google that traffic will come from Google, then it is going to take you a lot of time, so social media will be very beneficial for taking traffic in the initial days.

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The conclusion

Friends, we hope that you have come to know that how you can bring this trophy to your blog post through Twitter, if friends like this information then you will definitely share it and thank you so much for today Ram Ram Have a good day